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Aches and pains take a toll on our energy and our mood. We hurt after exercise, hours sitting at the computer, or long days of lifting and carrying kids, backpacks, groceries or laundry baskets. Maybe your New Year’s Resolutions included new exercise and work out routines that leave you sore or stiff.

When you hurt, it’s a major drain on your energy. You feel irritable and your family and friends may find you short-tempered. The aches and pains might even interfere with deep restorative sleep, so the fatigue and irritability get worse. It’s a vicious cycle!

HempSMART’s Pain Cream (think COMFORT Cream) provides rapid relief of aches and pains, due to physical exertion, usually within 20-30 minutes. This amazing product has been so effective, it has been a challenge to keep our shelves stocked. Demand is unprecedented! We have amped up our production to help keep you active, mobile, and comfortable.

What is so special about hempSMART’s Pain cream?

Our organically grown, full spectrum CBD is combined with the best herbs and botanicals in this unique formula. Important components including arnica, frankincense, nettle, turmeric, ginger, aloe, rooibos and white willow bark are absorbed, thru the skin, to provide targeted relief and improved mobility. No side effects and no drug interactions….just improved quality of life!

Try hempSMART Pain Cream today and share a sample with someone you care about. Once you experience the benefits, you will not want to be without it. The sample size is perfect for your gym bag and travel kit.

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