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Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp & CBD: Separating Fact from Fiction

With the changing legal environment regarding cannabis, there is a lot of confusion in the use of various cannabis related terms. Even mainstream media sometimes confuses the issue by using the terms cannabis and hemp interchangeably.

Let’s sort out the issue.

Cannabis is a broad category of plant species that includes both hemp and marijuana. Think of it like the canine family, which includes both Chihuahuas and Saint Bernard’s. Obviously, their characteristics are very different, even though they are members of the same “family”.

Both hemp and marijuana contain a variety of plant compounds known as cannabinoids. The two plant species are very different in their effects, because of their chemical makeup. Both contain cannabidiol (CBD), but marijuana has a significant percentage (5-25%) THC, the part of the marijuana plant that can give you a euphoric “high”.

By law, hemp must contain less than 3/10ths of 1% THC (0.3%)

NOTE: hempSMART’s products are THC FREE. That means NO intoxication, NO psychoactive effects, NO risk of failing a drug test. Drug testing for cannabis detects the break-down products of THC in the urine or blood. Since our products are THC FREE, there is nothing to show up on a drug test.

The hemp for hempSMART’s CBD drops, is organically grown by farmers we know and trust in Colorado. Hemp pulls toxins from the soil, so it is important to know where your hemp comes from.

You don’t want to ingest pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins along with your CBD!

Our full-spectrum CBD drops contains all the co-factors that Mother Nature put into the hemp plant for maximum potency and synergy. This is known as the “Entourage Effect.” All that’s missing is the THC. Nothing artificial, just organically grown full-spectrum CBD in hemp and coconut oil with active terpenes and essential plant oils for natural flavoring.

Support your body’s endocannabinoid system to harmonize and balance the communication between your cells, organs, glands and tissues. Assist your brain, gut, immune system, and total body chemistry to remain healthy and resilient. Maintain the wisdom of every cell in your body.

Be hempSMART!

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